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  1. Hi Judy ..... just checking in .. haven't seen too much of you on the boards lately. Hope you're holding on ! It's osteo in the left ischium for Bill so .... many many antibiotics for a long long time untl we can do anything! I have a feeling the lilacs are going to be extra spectacular this year ! What do you think? {{hug}}
  2. Hey Madmom ..... thanks for asking .... but the rash Bill has looks a little better one day then not so good the next. And stranger than that his wrists are sore , sometimes swollen, a little purplish looking like a bruise but he doesn't remember doing anything to them . Gonna call the doc today and get it checked out ... this has got me stumped!
  3. Obie, couldn't find your post about Bill from last week...any change and did you get him to the doctor? Been thinking of you...
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