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  1. The main site from Speedy is in german, but you can request more info through their Canadian partner Luke Gingras. I believe the guy is a para living near Montreal:
  2. Hey Mike. Hope you and your family are doing well over the Atlantic. I wanted to know more about that armbike you showed me that attaches to your wheelchair. Does it work for both rigid and folding frames? Does the model also depend on your wheelchair model? Could you possibly hook me up with a few links? Thanks bud.
  3. BigK, I was in the Army working as an air traffic controller. The vet forum is cool and I check it out pretty often. I never checked out Xcell, seems like a lot of dinero for minimal results.
  4. What branch of service were you in? Also, you should look into joinig the Veterans group on here. There are some good people there. Are you familiar with the XCell center there in Germany and if they have accomplished anything worth noting? Sorry for the bombardment of questions.
  5. Hey BigK, I speak the speak, but I´m originally from Long Island NY. I did my last 3 years over in Graf and got out just before Desert Storm. Worked back in the States, then came back to Bavaria at the beginning of 94 and grinded my way into living and working into the culture here. Then I busted my neck end of 96 and now we run our own PT practice. Germany has great beer, and some parts are more accessable than others, but the Oktoberfest can be brutally crowded and the bathroom situation there is a disaster. Hofbräuhaus in Münich is a much better experience and an equally good time!
  6. Hey Mike. I see you live in Germany. Are you German yourself or another natioanality living there? My dream is to one day go there for Oktoberfest. Is it handicapped friendly there? I love beer and make my own by the 5 gallon batch. I've been to Frankfurt a few times but didn't stay long or do much because it was always on my way to or from the Middle east.
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