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  1. I am sorry to hear of your injury. You should see your doctor to see if you can get some medication for your neuropathic pain. Nearly 50% of people who have spinal cord injury develop neuropathic and most will respond to several available drug therapies. I recommend starting with amitryptaline (20 mg per day). This may reduce the intensity of the feelings. The next is gabapentin (400-4000 mg per day). Your body accommodates rapidly to the gabapentin but should the drug effect tends to plateau at about 4 grams a day. So, you should see your doctor. Wise.
  2. I am new to this CC forum and I love it. I was injured while a passenger in my son in law vehicle. Have L1burst fracture on 11-5-10 was transfered to a trauma hospital and had surgery the next day. I have been home now 1 mo and walking with walker and walking some on my own, I am trying to be brave, but most of my pain is coming from my neuropothy in my feet, the tingling is gone it feels like I am walking on something heavy and thick. I am in therapy and go back and see my back dr in Feb. Do you think it is too early to see a nerve specialist? I am taking 600mg of gaba each day and coumadim for the blood clot that hit my lung after my surgery. I am dealing pretty well there are alot of patients worse than I am so I am thankful for my progress. I am using a tens unit here at home also do you think I can use on my feet or not? Thanking you in advance
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