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  1. well it's nice you gave him to someone who could accommodate his size and energy level.

    So, how are you doing? What do you do now a days?
  2. A 1 yr old 100lb lab with 100 mph energy in a small house didn't really work. When I'd let him out to do his business he'd take off. Then I'd have to go find him. The neighbors didn't like him running through there yards. It was better he went to somebody who'd appreciate him a lil more
  3. aww i'm sorry you had to give him up! you couldn't bring him in the house? easier to take care of then. i love dogs and cats.
  4. No he was just a pet. I bit off more than I could chew with a lab. Lol. I had to give him away a year ago. He was an outside dog and we got over a foot of snow and I couldn't get out to take care of him or spend time with him like I needed.
  5. Hi I like the your dog! Is he/she a service dog? Very cute!
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