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  1. warm weather weekend at last! going to take the racer to lake Hefner trail and try not to get blown into the lake. What are u up to?
  2. hows life, bro?
  3. you need to train big time first. i usually just wait and see whats out there in the way of 5 k's
  4. I do have lots of bike trails near by to train on. I wish I had some Zipp wheels, those dudes look sweet!! I just got all the glue off my push rims fixen to re do them..Also ordered some new gloves today they are suppossed to get here WED. Now if it will just warm up and quit snowing I will be good to go...What races are you going to do this year?
  5. I have an old halls racer. I just put eggcrate foam on the seat since i sweat like a demon. Ordering new pushrims to go with my new Zipp wheels.. u have someplace to train there?
  6. Hey Brock, what kinda chair do u have? I have a Eagle race chair, I just had to order all new upholstery. I c-ya u are in Ok. is that right? Have you ever raced before? I started last year , I raced in an all-court basketball chair. I am excited about getting out in my race chair!!!
  7. hey billy, newbie racer here, still putting my chair in final race ready order. Give me a shout if you want to talk racing sometime.

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