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  1. Hey Bro, wrist was drained and feel s greats, started working legs (hacks with assistance , ext and thigh curls) so far so good. now that warm weather is here my cauda is not so bad or at least i dont notice it except if i stay in one place too long

    How are you progressing in your life?
  2. that sucks. setbacks are a mental friggin test. however, we're used to those already. i'd guess you'd handle it well, but hope tuesday goes ok for ya.
  3. Not so hot , too much rain here and i have a pulled muscle in the groin and scheduled for a procedure on my wrist Tuesday, both are keeping me off the road and out of the gym
  4. cm, going really well man. thanks! how about yourself?
  5. Thanks for befriending me! hows the training going?
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