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  1. Ouch nasty, guess your taking some time out, hope its not for too long. I'm still wearing a few extra lbs after a broke my thumb a few months back, so i'm looking kinda bulked up at the mo' Awesome your competing dude, in both racing and the wc bodybuilding contests thats cool! Well today i'm feeling a lil rough, I went out for a few beers lastnight....not a good idea lol.
  2. not too bad, had t oslow down on the lifting after pulling a groin muscle and getting a cyst in my wrist drained, and it''s rained every weekend so i'm getting fat from not wheeling the racer, but I'm still planning to compete in a PL meet this fall then train for wc bodybuilding contest in spring of 10. otherwise, still employed, still single
  3. Hey Brock, yeah everythings cool here thanks, hows things with you?
  4. OI mate! hows life there?
  5. Yeah sure, no problem. Have a good day mate.
  6. Saw you are on yahoo IM. mind if I ping you sometime?
  7. just believe in giving props where props are due!
  8. Hey thanks man!
  9. Nice guns mate! i'm Brock
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