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  1. So sorry for the delay, Patton. Little distractions and then losing power for a while (Hurricanes Sandy came to visit) slowed me down a bit. I think I do recall chatting with you – my gravitational instincts show very good judgment – although I had no idea it was "you." But I don't think I have a message from you then. I do wish I'd made the connection while your face was still fresh in my mind, but I'm content with the current privilege of conversation. I'm so sorry you have to associate that beautiful place with such memories. I hope the current season brings you better ones.
  2. I do go back to this small town (it's the sailing capital) about once a year.

    Autumn is nice here just north of the Missouri River in Budweiser country. The colors (reds and yellows) of the leaves are very pronounced this year. Unfortunately, I haven't ventured far from home this season so I would have to say I don't have any enriching experiences to pass along so far.
  3. The scene in my profile picture is from the small town a little south of the Outer Banks where I had my accident. It is a picture of a sunrise taken from the pier that I dove off of which eventually led me to this fine community. It was the last thing I saw as an AB'd person.
  4. Hi Random, we did meet. You came up and introduced yourself and gave me your CC handle but I reciprocated with my real name. I sent you a PM the day after and apologized for not providing my CC handle at the time. Look at your PMs from 7/20/2012-7/21/2012 and you might be able to recall me. I'm 40ish, brown hair and eyes and a C7. I sat 2 rows behind you during the presentations and then you stopped by to say hi before it all broke up. We spoke for a minute or two. We also spoke with Dr. Young right as it was ending. Does this ring a bell?
  5. Hi Patton. Or is it MF Jones? I've decided to usurp the honor of being your first VM, since your posts so often make me smile. Did I read that you were at the summer Open House? So was I – I wish I had known to try to track you down. Autumn is my favorite season. Are you celebrating it in any way that might enrich my vicarious life? Is that sublime setting of your profile picture any place you regularly play?
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