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  1. Hi Randy! I've had a kind of rough year. My wife died of cancer in February so I have had a lots of first *** without my soul mate. I am being more social and it seems to be helping a lot. How are you doing?
  2. Donno! What a delight it was to see you flash across my screen. I so have missed the old crew. I hope you are well these days. Please come back more. – – Randy
  3. Hi Randy, I'm at UMass Amherst, and Ray Bradley from our department was one of the authors on the "Hockey stick" paper. I don't understand how anyone can deny the fact that the world is warming if they are willing to look at the facts, but too many people just hear what they want to believe. The evidence shows that the CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing at a rate that pretty well matches up with the use of fossil fuels in the last 200 years. So I guess that I am a believer!

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