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  1. Hey man actually Brookings near the coast border of Cali...The goats r @ Bandon Big Cat Refuge, its funn there.. Yeah I was 170 lbs swim, run, weights, pretty muscular and retained most of my upper strength, case C-5/6 no tris n just wrist extendors, but full shoulders, biceps, n pretty full forearms still.. I'm holdin it together thnxs fer askin.. Luv tht glider, n man thats gotta feel great get the heart pumpin, havea great cycle trip !!
  2. So I am thinking that B-vILLE Oregon is really Beaverton Oregon? I'm down here near Coos Bay. The way your holding that goat, makes me think that you have a lot of upper body strength? So whats up, how are you doing, fellow Oregonian? Well I'm off on a 23 mile hand cycle ride, talk to you latter.
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