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  1. Hello Jimmy Welcome to Care Cure. Sorry to read about your accident. Sorry you had to find us as we say here but glad that you did. You've come to the right place. Any time you have a question or a suggestion please come here and post. If a question some one will answer you and if they don't know the answer they will find it for you or refer you to someone who will help you. The SCI Nurses & Dr.Wise Young the founder of the site are great as well as the moderators and other Care Cure members are very helpful. Are you by chance a fellow Veteran if so have you notified the VA that you have incurred an SCI? If your a fellow Veteran if you havn't notified the VA the sooner the better. If your a fellow Veteran thank you for your service and for your sacrifice. I sent you a Care Cure Friend request. Hope you will accept the invite.
    Take Care Jimmy. Best of Luck in your recovery.
    aka Bob S.
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