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  1. hi glad to hear from u.. i knowits no fun tryin to decide where to runn. sounds like ketamine kitty is having super tough time.. i just saw her message on here.. im really sorry sci is def in its own phycological category.. so where what city/state u in??
  2. Hey Austen. I know its been awhile but after more than a ytar I decided to come back and. give this another go around. I hope this message find You Happy Healthily and Accepting. Looking forward to catching up.

    Here's to the start of a Great week.
  3. Today is the first day I've been on this site in over a year. I saw Your Friend request so here I am. Here's to the start of a Great week.
  4. hi, yea was chekkin u out lol.. srry didnt say hi, i'm austen nice 2 meet u
  5. Hey There...Noticed you visited my page but didnt say Hello...dont be a stranger next time
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