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  1. Holly, i don't think we live very far away. I live in Charleston Corners which is near Sheldon and Waters. Have you received any messages from RAFS? He lives in Oldsmar, i think. For a while he kept contacting me about getting together for lunch. We never got together - i stay pretty busy with work. However, I check into CareCure every day and try to answer anyone who has written. It's good to know there is some else on CareCure close by. Where did you live in CA? My wife and I lived in San Fran for 2 years and loved it. Couldn't afford to live there though - too expensive. Mike
  2. Mike, I was just visiting the florida link and saw a note from someone in Town n Country! I was shocked! I never see many disabled people in town, I guess that is because I'm not in town very much. My husband & I live off of Hillsborough in Bayport Villages. We moved here from Ca. 8 years ago! (What a mistake!) Anyway, drop me a note and maybe we can commiserate together. I could use someone to talk to. This pain is killing me. Thanks, Holly
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