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  1. Dan, I had a rough year last year - started with a herniated disc from the rods in my back. Then I had a hernia (and surgery). Not sure what caused the hernia but I think that the constipation from taking the pain meds due to the herniated disc certainly had a lot to do with it. Finally getting over the hernia operation and trying to get back to the gym and walk more. Hopefully it will be a better year in 2012.

    How about you? I see your posts a few times and it looks like you are doing okay. I hope so!

  2. Hey MikeC been a while how u been?
  3. Hey Dan, I'm used to getting PM's - this is my first visitor message. Hope you get it. I'm actually in NC right now - visiting my family. We normally come up from Florida at Thanksgiving but won't be able to make it this year so thought we'd come up now.

    I'm doing okay. So glad to have my gall bladder out - felt bad for quite a while with it. Still taking Vancocin for cdiff - been taking something for close to a year now. Every time I stop taking it the cdiff comes back. But as long as I'm taking it I feel fine. I'm still working full time and working with a personal trainer a few times a week. Not really showing any improvement but I want to maintain what I have.

    How about you - still working? Any changes in the SCI?

    Talk to you later.

  4. Hey Mike, long time. How goes?
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