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  1. Mine was a T12 Burst.
  2. What type of injury do you have?
  3. I alway's hate those things, will be 7 this fall for me. I've sadly to say given up on any kind of help for my type injury now so....... things are going pretty good this summer, so far!
  4. ...going all right...had my 2 year SCI anniversary about you?
  5. Hey Lady! How's thing's goin?
  6. OK now I was able to see it knowing what I was looking for. really gets me how fragile the cord is! I was able to get what x-rays I have of my back from my computer posted.
  7. You can see extra "bony" material (calcium deposits) between the vertebrate and the spinal cord. Especially, in the "yellow" one, you can see where the bony material is compressing the cord. My SCI was caused by a fractured calcium deposit at T8-9.
  8. I thought it was, Not sure just as to what I was seeing?? I'm not too good at telling what I see from x-ray's. Can you guide me as to what I am looking for. I'll try to put mine up
  9. Yes, what do you think?
  10. Is that your spine?
  11. Really like your pictures!!!!!!
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