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  1. Joe,

    The two scientists that I know who do research on this subject are Dr. Kwok-Fai So at Hong Kong University and Dr. Michar Schwartz in Israel. At the present, I don't know of anybody who has successfully regenerated the optic nerve in human. Claims that this has been accomplished in people are, in my opinion, false.
  2. Dr Wise. My son lost the sight in his right eye about 1 month ago due to blunt trauma caused by an air soft pellet shot directly into his eye. I know that this message board is more about SCI but I have been doing research for optic nerve repair for the last month and dont know who would be considered the leading expert in the field. I thought since you are considered a leader in your own field you might be able to direct me to someone that knows all of the options i might have for using stem cells to allow my son to see with his eye again. There is no impulses getting back to the brain through the optical nerve so I dont know of any other treatment that would even hold the potential of him regaining vision. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jason/"JoeHowla"
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