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  1. Mr. Willie,

    Are you talking about the Geron trial versus the cord blood trial that we are planning to do in the U.S. when you refer to "the two"? In that case, I don't know. Not enough is known about the effects of either of these therapies in humans to predict their safety or efficacy.
  2. Ok so if I participate in a clinical trial it is best to stick to one and let a period run off first before participating in another, but the question is which clinical trial of the two do you think is more effective.
  3. Yes, many clinical trials will not allow a person who has recently participated in a clinical trial. This is because they won't know which treatment did what. Wise.
  4. Is there a problem if a patient participates in more than one type of stem cell therapy like for instance umbilical cord stem cell and embryonic stem cell treatments.
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