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  1. Hey, Sorry I'm just getting back to you! It has been a really busy summer so far! To answer your question, I was hanging out with some of my roommates celebrating my friends 21st, and he decided to go sledding at a local hill. I had my snowboard on and was about to hit a jump when my friend wiped out right in front of the landing. I didn't want to hit him so I cut sideways and lost control of my board and wiped out sending myself into the trees. I kept tumbling until I guess I flew backwards into a tree. Broken wrist, 2 broken ribs, and T11 SCI.
  2. How did your injury happen?
  3. Hey! Thanks for the message! I hope we can help each other. I'm 100% wheelchair, no sensation or movement below the T11 level yet. They said little hope of walking, but by the stories i've seen around here, I'm not giving up hope! Even its just a little movement, I'll take it! What about you?
  4. So at what point are you? In a wheelchair vs walking? sensation below t11 vs none!? foot drop vs foot lifts just fine??

    i'm a little over 8 months since i fractured t12, i think we could help eachother :0)
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