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  1. medical marijuanna is legal in cali........ ur a walkin goldmine for that,,, its proven to totally relieve spasms , plus its an alternative to pain meds, and cheaper,,,, some doc`s dnt approve but alot do.... id call a doc in u closest major city,,,, scedule an appoinment for pain management and say ,, i have pain,bad spasems, and i moved here for herbal treatment... just dnt sound like a young trouble maker and u`ll be good
  2. thats y im planning on moving thee after school
  3. i mean legally..... obv. not legal to sell
  4. i dnt wanna cause trouble,,, but in a hesrtbeat u could smoke weed.. or sell it for some serious money
  5. yo,
    how waas the move?
  6. hey,
    thanks for friendin my ass
    i didnt know u can get chicks on this site.. i gotta get on more...
    but,,,,,, im from pa ,scranton(home of the office)
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