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  1. Hi Tiffany, I subscribe to New Mobility so I know that you contribute there. I might have a story for you about a quad named Luis Pena he has invented an Xbox controller for quads. I have ordered on for my son and he seem to be happy with it. It has only been a couple of hours but he has not played video games (FPS that is) in over a year. I was impressed with the Luis and his integrity and how he really thought this out. You can check them out yourself at LP accessible technologies. I told him I would post on different forums to let everyone know of our experience be positive or negative. So outside of a small paypal issue, I have been satisfied. I know there are probably alot of parents like myself that want to give some of their childs old life back and to me that is what this seems to be what this is. If you want more contact info just let me know.

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