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  1. and bro can u temme abt primobolan..i,ve hrd it is used with testosterone,it gives u permanent gains and is safer than any other steriod ?
  2. im really finding it hard to gain weight
  3. ahan.. wat abt decadurobolin.. im thinkin abt using it... im 21 n i weigh 61 kgs..
    how much should i take.. n wat r the precautions i need to take ?
  4. Are you saying you want to use steriods for only 2 weeks? It takes about 2 weeks for the stuff to start getting into your system.
  5. bro.. can u temme if we use anabolic steriods for less duration of time like say 2 weeks.. are the chances of side effects minimized??
  6. n wats the difference between animal pak n animal stak ?? n which one is effective for gaining weight ?
  7. bro can u plz suggest me any steriods for gaining weight ,which dont do much water retention n are safer too..
    wat abt animal pak?? wat does it contain n wat side effects can it cause ??
  8. yes you can take tribulus terrestris its just a testosterone booster you could take that after your cycle or with it. Yes steroids can cause impotency but it will get better after your tests levels come back to normal.
  9. hey !!
    man i wanted to ask .. can i use tribulus terresteris for body building??
    does it have any side effects ?? i used anabolic steriods last month .. can i use tribulus ritenow .. instead of using nanovapor n stuff.. ??
    one more thing anabolic steriods have risk of impotency? :S
  10. yes you can take all those products now and no you dont need liv52 with that stuff.
  11. thanks for replyin..
    ok im gonna use muscletech,s nanovapor now..shud i start takin it riteaway or shud i wait for a few weeks cuz i just used anabolic steriods..
    ill use nanovapor with some gud weight gainer n amino acids n vitamins.. is it ok to use them altogether?? n shud i use liv52 when im using those products??
  12. you can stop taking the liv52 i take it also when i do a cycle but once you stop your cycle you can stop taking the liv52. The water that you retained will go away and your face will go back to normal.
  13. .....
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