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  1. Hey Pete,
    It was good talking to you on the phone also. Your not the first one that I've spoken to from Care Cure. There are two guys that live in my area that I have become friends with thru Care Cure. Like I told you when we spoke last night that I'm disappointed that I'm not at the games so I could meet you in person. Hope you will keep in touch w/me after you get back from the games. I wanted badly to attend the games. I've heard that attending participating in the games is an awesome experience. You'll have to tell me all about it & share w/me what it's like to attend & participate in the games as a fellow Veteran. I salute you Pete & thankyou for having served this great country of ours & for your sacrifice. Hope the rest of your trip to Spokane is a good time for you & hope you have a safe & uneventful trip home to Massachusetts. Hopefully we will get to meet next year.

    Bob Air Force 8/71-5/75
    PS: Did you get your handcycle from the VA & if you did how did you get it?
  2. Good talking to you on the phone last night. You're the first person from this forum that I have spoken to outside of it. I'll be in touch.
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