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  1. Hi, Raven~Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! I have NOT tried to call you, so no clue who that could be... I will check out your website when I get back from town. Take care, hugs to all! God Bless! Teena
  2. Hey Teena, thinking of you and hoping you are doing well. It has been so cold out here and my body is getting the pains and aches from this weather. I have wondered if you have tried to call me since my phone has shown some unknown number from out of town. I have the ringer off since I've been sleeping a lot. Dunno why.
    Well, thought the best way to let you know what I wish for you is to give you this link form my site. Hope you like it. Also, let me know if it doesn't work. K?
  3. Thanks for accepting my invite Teena.

    Btw, have missed seeing you online.

    Hope things are okay with you.
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