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  1. It is likely that your headaches and pain are all related to the chronic degenerative changes in your spine. From your description, it certainly sounds disabling. Wise.
  2. Mr. wise,
    my mri states this.1) c6 compression defromity, chronic. probably degenerative.
    2) the spinal cord does have mild increased t2 signal without expansion from c2-3 to c5-6 level and may be due to myelomalacia.c2-3 and c6-7 small spur disc complexes as described. multilevel mild to moderate neural foraminal narrowing as described above. mild c2-3 right sided central canal narrowing.i have been unable to go to work any manual labor jobs and my headachces are to severe to concentrate in school can this condition be disabling?????? please help!!!!!!!

    p.s. i've had 2 neck surgeries c3-c4-c5 hardware screws and plate and spinal cord compression c5-c6 fusion. i'm weak tried and in pain neck and headaches.leg weakness speech slurr middle and back pain.

    p.s.s.s i've also had 3 accidents all while sitting at a stop light and being rear ended as a passenger less than 2 months after my 2nd surgery and all 3 within 10 month period. is this thing enough for me to seek diability???
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