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  1. The hardcore vets are coming to your profile...I just noticed that. I wonder how many others came? You must be interesting. I really don't see why they would think that! HAHA!

    GS8 says that you MIGHT be worth reading. HAHA! ( I laugh too much huh? )
  2. what!! I didnt do anything!
  3. You are still mean!
  4. the one about cleaning? yeah I told jake if he wanted a clean house then he needs to hire a maid. I dont think he believed me
  5. Your Post WYW sounds like me.
  6. You rang?
  7. Where you been? OH! That's right! Inlaws. Sorry.HAHA.
  8. Do they get that cold in the freezer? Bahaha!
  9. The second one didn't come on. I wonder why. I like putting all my candy bars in the freezer. I like them my heart. HAHA!
  10. In laws FUN! Are you kidding me?
  11. Huh? Did I say I'm confused!
  12. lol well the guy rubbed me the wrong way sense I was newly injured and having issues with my husband. So I just wanted to let him know that the incompletes have some of the same issues.
  13. I enjoyed your one and only post. I like honesty.
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