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  1. Thanks for responding to my question. The "puppy's" name is Phillip and he's actually an old years old. As you might imagine, he's spoiled rotten! Thanks for the compliment. Take care!
  2. Hey Danine, how wonderful to meet a fellow water lover.

    What an adorable puppy, in a cute outfit. what is his/her name?

    I am not sure exactly why you are getting skin breakdown. Chlorine levels are monitored in pools so it shouldn't be eating away at yoyr skin.

    more likely your skin is getting 'soggy' and soft from the water and is more prone to damage.

    I sometimes have accidental bumps scrapes like this.....maybe from getting in/out of pool.Keep an eye out next time you go swimming.

    not sure i can help you more. Put opsite or some waterproof dressing on the breakdowns if you are going in the pool with open wounds.

    Have a great new years xoxo
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