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  1. I'm 64 living in Michigan, a T10 injured 6/70. I would be glad to discuss whatever issues. I retired 1999, love retirement, been married since 1974 - my wife is a post polio chair user. At present we are actively considering moving south as this is 2nd year of very heavy snows in Mich and we are getting sick of it.
  2. Thanks for replying, I was hurt in 1981, 45 now, so pretty young then 17. C5/6 but function a bit lower, use manual chair and pretty active, from North Central Kansas. I was hoping you could be a friend and relate to you on problems, life, etc. with SCI as a guy ages. Thanks, my name is Jon..
  3. Where are you from wheelsuperman? How long in chair?
  4. HI a long time wheeler here looking for friends
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