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  1. Hi Skippy,
    I was wondering how long it took for your pain level to drop after your operation to where neuronton would handle it. I am 26 months post op and just seem to suffer all the time. Argh. I have a damaged spinal cord at front at C-7. It is sort of bearable now but was very brutal for the first two years not counting the two years it took for the doctors to clue in.
  2. Hi, What level is your injury. I have a c-7 injury. I have full function if you can call it that. I have a lot of pain from the chest down and under my arms. I haven't worked in 20 months but just can't bring myself to try to get back to work. My life is still to brutal. Some times I feel like a mouse in cage running on a wheel. You don't sem to bea able to do anything to improve this injury. I got abused by the medical system too.
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