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    This is exactly why we need universal health care in the USA, such as is proposed in the House Bill 1384 "Medicare for All Act of 2019", primary sponsor Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D). I am not a fan of that name, as the program will be much better than Medicare (for example, covering dental, vision, and hearing services, as well as long-term care, no prior authorizations, no premiums, no need for supplemental insurance, etc.) but I am an active volunteer in the campaign to get this for the USA.

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    Thanks, will act on your suggestions. My neuro comes off poorly the way I wrote him. But he's turned a lot of things around for me so I'm going to bring up my concerns again on our next visit.
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    I saw entirely too much of Rush (as a patient) but 10 years too late. I would love to have heard her speak.
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    It is very common to develop some degree of cognitive dysfunction with MS over the long run. How much will differ from person to person, and generally is directly related to the location of large plaques in the brain. If you neurologist is not assessing this with you on a regular basis, ask to be referred to a neuropsychologist who can assess, and suggest compensation and remediation techniques to help manage this. A speech pathologist may also be a good option, as they are very involved in remediation of cognitive deficits. You might want to find a different neurologist who is more responsive to your needs, and has a less defeatist attitude toward the management of your MS.

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    I was in graduate school in Chicago, at Rush University (her alma mater) in 1981 & 1982, right after she started Access Living Chicago. She was a guest lecturer for our classes, and I also met her at RIC, where I had my clinical. She was also active at a number of disability rights conferences and even on the Phil Donahue show (filmed in Chicago) during the time I was there.
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    Thanks for reading. How did you know her?