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  1. ZX1 Adjustments

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    The sensor is obviously located where the green circle is as I have seen a yellow light come on when a screwdriver is placed near it. Theoretically by putting this sensor in its various holes will adjust crawl mode, but as I say to those who don't have crawl mode, don't get too excited.


    Even though I am classified as C5/C6 I would say
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  2. power add-on for manual chair

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    They say you should condition the batteries at least 4 times until they reach their full potential. You do this by running them down about 50% of capacity and recharging fully. I leave them on the charger overnight. You may have gotten some bad batteries. To get the longest life you shouldn't deplete more than 50% and never fully deplete them. Never store them for any length of time after use unless fully charged and check them every few weeks. Ten months sounds about right for these batteries
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  3. Larger tires on a scooter?

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    It looks like you have 10" tires (3.00-4) which means 3" wide, 3" sidewall and 4" hole. You could just go with a more agressive tread. A customer of mine requested these knobby tires for his ZX1:

    If you want to go up a size you could go with 4.10/3.5-4s which is 4.10 wide, 3.5" sidewall, 4" hole. Actual diameter varies from 11" to 11.5".

    3.00-4 tires here:
  4. ZX1 lithium ion battery retrofit

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    I thought it might help to show a picture of what Takenaback described with the stainless steel framework running between the batteries.
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    In case it helps with this discussion, the standard SLA batteries shipped with the chair are the MK Battery ES12-12 and the charger is MK Model: LS 24/4.
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    I agree with Takenaback that everyone is different with their requirements. My husband has hemiplegia
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  5. ZX1 lithium ion battery retrofit

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    It's for my personal transportation device. I'll try to post pictures. You will recognize where the idea came from.
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    This is the working 36 volt version. It has an on off switch, a thumb throttle, and a hands free cruise control.