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  1. Self-defense in a wheelchair

    There's a few good ideas here even for those not in a wheelchair. 12 minutes. Hi-yah!

    Here's more-intense defense techniques.

    Found my old do-buk from back in the day. My side kick was wicked ? my do-buk would snap in the air ? but the spinning kick? Splat.
  2. More use out of statlocks = toupe tape

    Medicare and insurance are stingy with these, only one per month. But leave it on too long and you get skin breakdown, right? Surely you can't leave it on a whole month.

    Double-sided toupe tape will help you get more recycling usage from it. It sticks tight but will not damage skin. It definitely helps to have a creative wife, who after decades on the stage knows a lot of costume tricks. She says they ...
  3. Looking for an Easy Pivot lift

    In search of newer EasyPivot transfer machine.
    If you have one or a lead on one let me know.
  4. Good-bye

    Tom just wanted to say good-bye to everyone.
  5. Does anybody else get really cold after eating?

    This seems to have gotten worse the last year or so. By the way I am a C for quad, nine years post injury. I don't really understand it, but especially after a lunch,, I get so cold! I usually have to put on an electric blanket and drink hot water to stop shivering. Quite annoying.