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  1. Effects of long term use of urethral foleys cathether

    Sir, i am t6-t7 complete spinal cord injury paraplegic.. I am using urethral indwelling foleys catheter for the past 8 years.. Wil this cause any damage to my bladder or urethra.. Is it danger to continue with foleys cathether.. Wil it cause life threathening situations to me..
  2. curious about stem cell injections

    Hello I am new to all of this. Just wanted to chat with someone with similar injury's maybe get some help or possibly help someone thank you fo r your time.
  3. Is it possible to be charismatic in a wheelchair?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    I believe it's absolutely possible.

    Humans seem to have an instinct driving their ability to be attracted/respect/admire and/or willingness to follow another person. Assuming these are satisfactory definitions of the tangible effects charisma (as opposed to comeliness, or raw physical attraction.)

    I was first exposed to this idea by Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth, followed by Hero with a Thousand Faces. Compelling works.

    Powerfully charismatic people
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