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  1. Push Nation Festival 2016 is one week away!

    Hi everyone
    We are PushNationFest2016! And would like to invite all of you to our event happening in 1 week! (so exciting)!
    It's in the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa,FL and it's on Friday from 2-8pm and Saturday from 10am-5pm. There's going to be a lot fun activities to do, inspirational speakers, and free raffles to win cool prizes.
    If you're interested or want to know more follow us on social media @pushnationfest to keep up with our events! OR go to ...
  2. MPD Hand Control Adjustments?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    i'd send a pic of that install to mpd, see what they say.
    Thanks. I've been looking for info on MPD all over the internet but can't find anything really, nothing beyond what I already know about the controls anyway. Hell, it was easier when my brother installed a set for me that I bought off eBay.
    are you quads using a low effort brake system?
  3. TiLite TR3 Fabrication Progress Pics

    Quote Originally Posted by elarson View Post
    The chair is beautiful. Well done on all the design and the styling.

    I think you are being incredibly patient Chas, and I applaud you for it. I agree, it could have just been a last minute mistake, and better to give them a chance to respond. Whatever you do, don't let anyone back down from getting the chair you designed and signed off on.

    Just as a note, should you ever want to consider a ZX-1 power add-on, it would probably be impossible with that added bracket.
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  4. ZX1 Adjustments

    Quote Originally Posted by triumph View Post
    I have a zx1. Are you saying you want the clamshell to only partially "grab onto" the wheelchair axle bar? Are you wanting to have more "tip-ability" of the wheelchair front wheels for popping over 2"-3" bumps, threshholds? It seems such an adjustment, if possible, would do that.
    Don't know if that's what you're after, but if so, have you tried to only partially attach clamshell with the clamshell actuator button? I don't do so until I get to a bump - at that
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  5. power add-on for manual chair

    Quote Originally Posted by pattherat View Post
    On one of the RESNA tests where a 250lb user travels down a 6 degree ramp at full speed and turns suddenly and reverses direction 180 degrees and travels uphill, if the rear wheels of the manual wheelchair are too high during this maneuver, the chair could tip over sideways. When trying to find a solution it was observed that the rear Frogleg fork deflected and possibly added to the problem. The real solution came by adding a proximity switch that reduced the speed to 40% when the manual wheelchair's
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