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  1. A new Hotel List: beds without platforms, low beds, adjustable-height beds

    Hotel List: beds without platforms, low beds, adjustable-height beds

    There are ADA rooms, and there are accessible rooms ? and often those are two different things.

    27 years after the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act, most hotel rooms are completely unusable to many disabled Americans. Hoyer lift users are shut out by box platforms beneath beds, i.e., almost all hotel beds. Independent travelers in chairs are shut out by beds too high to transfer. Beds and sinks ...
  2. First timer using marijuana

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by smity50 View Post
    Any proof that it's the cbd stopping the seizures?
    Yeah, the CBD that they take orally that quickly ends the seizures.
  3. Learn FAST

    John Singleton and Luke Perry suffered strokes in their early 50s, but my bud Vanita Whitsell survived a severe one at 38, and even teens have them, so please learn. Miss you, Uncle Mike.

  4. Big mo for Medicare For All

  5. permobile f3 charger

    i have an f3 permobile power chair. i live out in the sticks and was wanting to get a spare charger for it. is there a site or after market charger i could get that is reasonably priced? any ideas.
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