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    Thanks for such a well-reasoned comment. I agree, and I typically shrug off most of the age-related carping I hear from others my age because hell, I've been in a chair for how many decades now? The only concern I'd have is if these are MS-related symptoms that could be checked – which are the kind that KLD pointed out above. I'm keeping an eye on it. Hope I hear from you again, thanks for reading.
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    Before my SCI, around age 50, I began to notice cognitive decline, particularly with memory for nouns. This can occur for many reasons. I suffered some mild TBIs pre SCI, a modest one during my SCI accident when I drifted in and out of consciousness all day, and 2 more post SCI.

    I remember at age 45 having much difficulty remembering how to speak Spanish after around 5 pm, which showed me that language skills decline when we are tired. They also decline when we are sick. I do not doubt that medications have played a role in short-term memory challenges and problems remembering nouns, in particular.

    Now I am 69 and my health has been improving over the last 2 years. Memory is somewhat better, though still imperfect. This tells me that if a significant part of my memory dysfunction is due to dementia it is a slow moving problem and likely I will die before it cripples my life, so to speak. Or not- no one can say.

    My point is merely that some of your cognitive decline can likely be seen as 'normal'. Getting old with MS can be a mild annoyance or a major bit c h, but to some degree you can think of yourself as 'normal'. Why not?
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    Excellent. Sanders and maybe Warren are on board with it. Thanks for the info.