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  1. Gearhead's Avatar
    Bush 43 made student loans and medical except from bankruptcy. You can still file for bankruptcy but will still fully owe these debts.
    Obamacare fixed the pre-existing clause but this is under attack.
    With our current tax system, I don't think we can afford Medicare for all but it's possible.
    I saw in an interview, a British doctor was asked what was the difference between him and an American doctor. He replied, "British doctors live in $1m homes, American doctors live in $2m homes". Also, the interviewer made a point that of all countries with national healthcare, not one has ever tried to repeal it.
  2. Spitzbub's Avatar
    Good point, I have a habit of using the two interchangeably. Thanks.
  3. SCI-Nurse's Avatar
    You should change the title to mechanical lifts. Hoyer is a brand name and doesn't make the lifts used at these hotels, which are actually ceiling track lifts.