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  1. Speaking Up

  2. Google Maps wheelchair option

    Looking up wheelchair-accessible directions to where you're going? This really works. From Google Maps:

    View routes by wheelchair in select major cities with Google Maps. Just input your destination into Maps, tap "Directions" then select the public ...
  3. Some nursing homes illegally evicting elderly & disabled residents

    It's happening so much that one homeless shelter has actually installed 'the dump cam' to catch when patients are being dumped outside its door or on the street. Complaints are on the rise, and still this government deregulates. Solid investigative report from NBC Left Field.

    Patients facing eviction over nonpayment issues have the right to appeal Medicare ...
  4. Why Are People Clamoring for Major Healthcare Reform?

    In some notes, I saw that in 2011 we were paying $260 a month for my Medigap policy. Now, eight years later, we are paying $400 every month. That is a 65 percent increase. No way our income went up anywhere near that much. Just saying.

    My insurer will keep cranking up the increases because at this point no one else will take me. At the rodeo the rider has to hold on for eight long seconds. We've got to hold on for 11 more years until I'm eligible to enter the federally protected open ...
  5. Camp Adventure Tower, Denmark

    From New Mobility, check out this 2,130-foot spiraling ramp that gives you 148 foot view atop the forest all around. Quick math in my head tells me that's pretty much an 8 percent ADA grade. There is a 3,000-foot boardwalk leading through the forest to get you there. Award-winning, breathtaking.

    (Mab says don't stare at the picture too long or it starts moving!)

    Visit ...
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