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  1. KruckX n stuff

    Finally hauled all the tools I need to build 2 ships to PLANET Pluto (Yep, I am one of TH0SE astronomers) and THEN some under the truck. Getting up and down to the ground is a major thing for me. Nudder story. Going to replace the center support bearing and its associated u-joint. Done this(tried) Friday and realized I wouldn't get it before sundown and stopped. Resumed Sunday afternoon and it is the first u-joint in my life I didn't get OUT, let alone replaced in 15 minutes or less, ...
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  2. I am an idiot

    Well went to hospital weekend before last with bad gas pains in bowel and they did xray and sent me home with Movicol. Took a good dose and 3 senna and cleaned myself out over the next couple of days. I noticed on Wednesday & Thursday last that my legs really started kicking early afternoon and had a good BM after first in morning, went quick and good consistency & shape (used MB) So figured that peristalsis was somehow raising it's head where after 2 years on senna I thought it was gone. ...
  3. Rhinitis and spinal cord injury

    Rhinitis and spinal cord injury
    I am a C5-6 SCI and at age 70 have developed non allergic rhinitis initiated by
    temperature change. If I sit at my computer and the refrigeration comes on
    behind me, drainage goes to my chest and I have congestion and breathing problems. This is somewhat solved by wearing a hat. Going instead and outside can trigger the rhinitis. I would be very interested
    in knowing how others with this situation compensate. Thank you, Fred Cheshire
  4. Precious life

    Yesterday whilst bringing my pup out, I found a robin on the road. It wasn't bleeding, but it was struggling to get up. I wanted to help. I could see the fear in its eyes. We live off a busy road. Cars fly by way over the limit. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to scare the little creature, but I knew if it didn't get out of the way fast it would be crushed and I couldn't bare the, I drove right into the road to try to protect it. I know; not smart. My only thought was to save ...
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  5. Seizures and stuff

    Last night whilst chatting to my Mum, I had multiple, intense seizures. This isn't abnormal. When they occur, my seizures often happen two or three at a time with a brief respite in between. They usually coincidence with my monthly cycle, so I'm prepared and my service dog is always with me, so I don't worry anymore. My Mum isn't used to them as I am; apparently it frightened her. I get fuzzy and I cannot form words well during my postictal state, so unfortunately, I don't remember well. It's an ...