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  1. ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    I've done some adjustments on my ZX too,
    - I've removed the anti-tips, it helps on small curbs, but you'll have to get used with the "dive" of the armrest. Especially with the joystick's side when you use the motor's brake, it can be surprising...
    - I've removed the high adjustment nut stop of the clamshell, near the proximity sensor. Now I can raise my chair to the maximum without going in crawl mode,
    - same problem of ZX sliding laterally on the camber bar. I've used
  2. ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    Did some "driving"
    The chair is nice in the garage, patio, deck, barn-house. It's nice, the feeling of being propelled and not having to work at it.
    The thing is problematic going in/out of the house, especially out! We have a Anderson sliding door; there's about a 1" drop from the flooring to the sill the screen tracks are on, then 1/2" onto the bricks of the patio. The friggin thing gets stuck! I try raising the chair/NG; I lo0wer the chair so the wheelchair tires
  3. Update on chase

  4. My tendon transfer surgery results

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    Hi guys I am c5c6 complete quadriplegic. Sharing with you link of my article on my tendon transfer surgery results with a video on my website.
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  5. intermittent catheterization tips

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    Hey guyz, i have shared here Intermittent catheterization steps, tips and guidelines for male. You must follow it to avoid uti.

    Let me know if i have left something important.