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  1. Communication is so important . . . (TiLite TR design)

    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Here is what I thought I asked for on my completed order form:

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    And here's what TiLite drew:

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    It appears I've got some splainin' (and reconfiguring) to do . . .
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  2. Communication is so important . . . (TiLite TR design)

    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by QTiPi View Post
    Egads! And you speak Engineerish!
    Engineers may have a language, but we also have differing dialects . . .

    Today I received another CAD from TiLite. It's quite good, but two subtle issues remain: caster-to-fork mounting issues, and camber/wheel-spacing issues related to having two simultaneously mounted cambertubes. Hopefully TiLite and I will resolve them soon.

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    I'm still considering ICON if TiLite does
  3. ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

    Quote Originally Posted by elarson View Post
    Here I go with more questions....

    I've been reading about many of you not using the anti-tilt mechanism, and am trying to make a decision about removing it. I'm just not sure if it is even being used with how I have everything configured, and it seems to make it very difficult for me to tilt back and lift the casters off the ground with my husband in the chair.

    From what I am seeing the maximum I can tilt it back to get the front casters off of the ground is about
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  4. ZX1 Adjustments

    Quote Originally Posted by takenaback View Post


    The sensor is obviously located where the green circle is as I have seen a yellow light come on when a screwdriver is placed near it. Theoretically by putting this sensor in its various holes will adjust crawl mode, but as I say to those who don't have crawl mode, don't get too excited.


    Even though I am classified as C5/C6 I would say
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  5. power add-on for manual chair

    Quote Originally Posted by pattherat View Post
    They say you should condition the batteries at least 4 times until they reach their full potential. You do this by running them down about 50% of capacity and recharging fully. I leave them on the charger overnight. You may have gotten some bad batteries. To get the longest life you shouldn't deplete more than 50% and never fully deplete them. Never store them for any length of time after use unless fully charged and check them every few weeks. Ten months sounds about right for these batteries
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