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  1. ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    Did some "driving"
    The chair is nice in the garage, patio, deck, barn-house. It's nice, the feeling of being propelled and not having to work at it.
    The thing is problematic going in/out of the house, especially out! We have a Anderson sliding door; there's about a 1" drop from the flooring to the sill the screen tracks are on, then 1/2" onto the bricks of the patio. The friggin thing gets stuck! I try raising the chair/NG; I lo0wer the chair so the wheelchair tires
  2. Update on chase

  3. My tendon transfer surgery results

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    Hi guys I am c5c6 complete quadriplegic. Sharing with you link of my article on my tendon transfer surgery results with a video on my website.
  4. intermittent catheterization tips

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    Hey guyz, i have shared here Intermittent catheterization steps, tips and guidelines for male. You must follow it to avoid uti.

    Let me know if i have left something important.
  5. KruckX n stuff

    Finally hauled all the tools I need to build 2 ships to PLANET Pluto (Yep, I am one of TH0SE astronomers) and THEN some under the truck. Getting up and down to the ground is a major thing for me. Nudder story. Going to replace the center support bearing and its associated u-joint. Done this(tried) Friday and realized I wouldn't get it before sundown and stopped. Resumed Sunday afternoon and it is the first u-joint in my life I didn't get OUT, let alone replaced in 15 minutes or less, ...