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  1. A Little Bored and Distressed

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone happen to be at Kessler right now? I managed to hurt myself again and I'm here and could use some company. Life was looking very good: I had to retire from work and was firmly en route to my destiny as an author and inventor when I took this little side trip to a new injury. So if anyone is around I'm in morning therapy on the 2nd floor. Please look for me; my therapist is Marissa. And Wise, if there is any stem cell stuff I could do while I am here I would love to know ...
  2. Assisted suicide your opinion?

    Quote Originally Posted by ala View Post
    Despite my personal beliefs on suicide, assisted or not, there are always circumstances and other people's stories that leave me thinking. Maybe I don't have all the answers. Maybe there are times when finding a good way to end one's life is the only decent way to live. This may be an example of one of those times:

    (CNN) -- On New Year's Day, after months of suffering from debilitating headaches, I learned that I had brain cancer.

    I was 29 years old. I'd been married
  3. crookedman aka Paul Ingle

    It is with great sadness I write this post for Paul Ingle aka Crookedman. Paul was in a wheelchair for 55 years. Six years ago he developed pressure sores and medical problems associated with those sores which eventually took his life.

    Paul was the love of my life, my soulmate, and my partner. If you'd like to learn more about his life please go to
    Paul enjoyed his communication with you.
    Kit Filbey
  4. Brusing

    Has anyone had any brusing on or around scapula area ? Recent medication changes, taking baby aspirin, fish oil, milk of mag., once a day. Nifedipine- PRN. Could this cause blood to thin to cause brusing.
  5. Garaventa Stair-Trac portable stair climber

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    Garaventa Stair-Trac portable stair climber
    does anyone have an opinion of these devices? Ever owned one?