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  1. Support research and services with your Christmas shopping

    If you do any of your shopping online, you can support your favorite charity through Amazon Smile. When you sign up, you can choose the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Reeve Foundation or many others to receive a percentage of your purchases through Amazon.

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  2. Banner day: losing pre-existing condition coverage + moves against stem cell research

  3. Illinois Adaptive Technology Program: Finding and Financing Accessibility Equipment

    We're looking for an accessible van and applying for financing through the Illinois Adaptive Technology Program (IATP). IATP will not only help finance your purchase, they can also help with finding the equipment you need. They loan equipment, and on their website have free listings of adaptive equipment and supplies for sale or giveaway by users (no registration required). In Springfield they have an AT Demonstration Center with adaptive tech displays in kitchen, bathroom and other settings. ...
  4. Self-defense in a wheelchair

    There's a few good ideas here even for those not in a wheelchair. 12 minutes. Hi-yah!

    Here's more-intense defense techniques.

    Found my old do-buk from back in the day. My side kick was wicked ? my do-buk would snap in the air ? but the spinning kick? Splat.
  5. More use out of statlocks = toupe tape

    Medicare and insurance are stingy with these, only one per month. But leave it on too long and you get skin breakdown, right? Surely you can't leave it on a whole month.

    Double-sided toupe tape will help you get more recycling usage from it. It sticks tight but will not damage skin. It definitely helps to have a creative wife, who after decades on the stage knows a lot of costume tricks. She says they ...
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