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  1. Visiting Grand Canyon South Rim in a wheelchair

    The Grand Canyon was excellent for me in my chair. I haven't been back since I was a kid, when my circumstances were far different. As you'd expect, the Park Service does a great job making it accessible.

    The camping ground (Trailer Village) is clean and convenient. We picked a great place for our first night in an RV. They keep the spaces neat with pea gravel, that was a little too deep in one spot where I got stuck, but a young Frenchman walking by lifted me out of that bind. That's ...
  2. I love when a plan comes together

    (Hat tip to the Mabster - this was the catchphrase of ol' George Peppard from the A-Team. You know the A-Team, people: Mr. T!) Anyway, we rolled back into town, and what went down last week was the plan.

    This was in the works since last year when we bought our powerful, outsized 2017 Nissan NV 3500 cargo van, Moby Dick. Last week Moby Dick met its destiny: we drove it cross-country to pick up the RV it was always meant to tow.

  3. Accessible Grand Canyon

    Leaving in the morning. Can't wait!

    For a long time, finding some kind of a wheelchair-accessible RV was a pipe dream, and the first place we would go would be the Grand Canyon, which my wife has never seen. Now we've found the perfect RV on the other side of the country, in Surprise, Arizona. And it's right next door to? the Grand Canyon!

    Your Guide to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon ...
  4. Hotels with Hoyer & ceiling lifts

    Las Vegas hotels with ceiling track lifts

    Branson Missouri medical company that rents Hoyer lifts ? try contacting them for hotels they know

    Scandinavian hotels with hoyers

    UK Ceiling Hoist Users Club

    more leads here ...

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  5. Get Off Your Duff: Political Volunteering With a Disability

    The 24-hour cable news stations won't stop babbling about it. Your Facebook friends won't stop raging about it. And idiot pols won't stop tweeting about it. These days, there's no escaping it ? and you know exactly what it is: politics.

    Tired of feeling frustrated, I wanted to get involved. There's big stuff going on ? 24 candidates and more each time I edit this ...
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