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    Bush 43 made student loans and medical except from bankruptcy. You can still file for bankruptcy but will still fully owe these debts.
    Obamacare fixed the pre-existing clause but this is under attack.
    With our current tax system, I don't think we can afford Medicare for all but it's possible.
    I saw in an interview, a British doctor was asked what was the difference between him and an American doctor. He replied, "British doctors live in $1m homes, American doctors live in $2m homes". Also, the interviewer made a point that of all countries with national healthcare, not one has ever tried to repeal it.
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    Good point, I have a habit of using the two interchangeably. Thanks.
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    You should change the title to mechanical lifts. Hoyer is a brand name and doesn't make the lifts used at these hotels, which are actually ceiling track lifts.
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    You're exactly right, KLD, and I didn't. 17 years later and I've learned that nothing changes without follow-up.
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    Did you file a complaint with the owner? With the DOJ? Did you contact Access Chicago for advocacy help? This kind of thing continues because too few people follow up with complaints.

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    Oh thank you! Looking at your list, you and I would get along fine. (I just rolled in from a long road trip and we were hitting Little Steven's Underground Garage hard.) Saturday afternoons from 1-5 central, you can find Those Were the Days, vintage radio shows on WDCB which was referenced in my blog. I know that it streams online. Thanks again and let me know if you want to trade more programs.
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    What a good post, you should think about writing a regular column for New Mobility magazine! I?m home alone with my radio/computer for company, too, and I feel the same pain when favorite shows and announcers, hosts, broadcasters retire or move elsewhere. I?m including the links to shows I enjoy and hope they?ll maybe add some enjoyment to your list and to other CC members. I?m wishing you and all a happy new year and hope to contribute more in the months ahead. Thanks, Spitzbub, for your excellent post and reminder of the joys of streaming radio shows and music. Here are some of my faves:
    Legends radio, classic jazz, mainly with vocals:
    Replays of Garrison Keillor?s Prairie Home Companion shows:
    Replays of radio humorist Jean Shepherd?s broadcasts from station WOR, NYC:
    Vintage rock curated by Little Stephen Van Zandt, with current and archived shows:
    Celtic music show, The Thistle and Shamrock:
    Metropolitan Opera radio:
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    This kind of post will get more attention in on of the News forums rather than a blog page, which few members read.