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  1. Why Are People Clamoring for Major Healthcare Reform?

    In some notes, I saw that in 2011 we were paying $260 a month for my Medigap policy. Now, eight years later, we are paying $400 every month. That is a 65 percent increase. No way our income went up anywhere near that much. Just saying.

    My insurer will keep cranking up the increases because at this point no one else will take me. At the rodeo the rider has to hold on for eight long seconds. We've got to hold on for 11 more years until I'm eligible to enter the federally protected open ...
  2. Camp Adventure Tower, Denmark

    From New Mobility, check out this 2,130-foot spiraling ramp that gives you 148 foot view atop the forest all around. Quick math in my head tells me that's pretty much an 8 percent ADA grade. There is a 3,000-foot boardwalk leading through the forest to get you there. Award-winning, breathtaking.

    (Mab says don't stare at the picture too long or it starts moving!)

    Visit ...
  3. Roll On

    Out on the road, things don't always go as planned...

    We took off on a big trip west. It came together quickly. The perfect small travel trailer came on the market, and they don't last long so we put our money down. It's a toy hauler, meaning the back flips down into a ramp that will be great for the wheelchair, and it's 16 feet long, so it should be OK for us to sleep and eat but still be able to fit in most campgrounds at the national parks which is our goal. The catch is that ...
  4. Hoyer-friendly hotels: Comfort Inn, Stanton, Texas (West Texas)

    Comfort Inn, 800 W. Interstate 20, Stanton, Texas,
    432-756-1100, $135-172

    Comfortable Hoyer-friendly room in West Texas, lots of space, good bathroom. The Hoyer fits under a pullout sofa bed: I slept on it fine. Find photos and more details here.
  5. Is It Age or MS?

    Recently, Jeopardy uber-champion James Holzhauer surprised by donating to a nonprofit battling the type of cancer that affects show host Alex Trebek.

    Holzhauer, 34, was epic master of Jeopardy for weeks on end, winning $2,462,216, just shy of Ken Jennings' record $2,520,700. He donated to a fundraiser in his boyhood hometown of Naperville, Illinois. Event participant Ann Zediker decided to email him. "My gut told me it was the right thing to do. It couldn't hurt." (There's ...
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