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10-04-2006, 02:30 PM
Parents Saving Umbilical Cord Blood For Stem Cells

http://img.viacomlocalnetworks.com/images_sizedimage_108134302/sm Dr. Mallika Marshall (http://cbs4boston.com/bios/local_bio_052120130)

(CBS4) BOSTON A growing number of families are banking their baby's umbilical cord blood, hoping that it may provide life-saving stem cells, should they need them.

Brandyn Orr, 12, is healthy today, but that wasn▓t always the case. He was diagnosed with leukemia as a toddler. His family was devastated but determined. ⌠He fought tooth and nail in the beginning,■ said Orr▓s mother.

Years of chemotherapy led to remission, but he relapsed and needed a stem cell transplant, but unlike other patients, Brandyn didn't need to wait for a donor match from a hospital or public registry.