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07-16-2006, 09:14 PM
'Forgotten' hepatitis C victims hopes compensation his soon

Jul 14, 2006

Jim Boughton will believe it when he sees it.
After contracting hepatitis C through tainted blood nearly 23 years ago, Mr. Boughton is about to receive the compensation he has long been waiting for.

In late July, Health Minister Tony Clement is expected to announce more than $1 billion in federal money for Canadians who contracted the disease through tainted blood before 1986 and after 1990.

So far, only people who contracted hepatitis C between 1986 and 1990 have been compensated.

"It's very difficult to get upbeat about it but I'm a very optimistic person," says Mr. Boughton.

"But until it's in your hands, you can't believe it."

In 1983, when he was 33 years old, Mr. Boughton was seriously injured in a car accident and given a blood transfusion. After collapsing in 1984, tests showed he had contracted hepatitis C through tainted blood used in the transfusion. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that infects and can seriously damage the liver. There is treatment but no cure.

"The most scary part was when I went to the doctor and he looked me in the eye and said I would be lucky to live six months," he explains.

Hopefully they will finally be getting some help for all they have gone through. Doesn't really make up for the carelessness of others who never bothered to think of what or who it would affect, but at least it is a beginning.

Now if we could only get something that will destroy this virus. Sigh.