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04-03-2006, 10:18 AM
New Medical Breakthrough - World's First Pain-Reducing Bandage
LONDON, UK, March 28 /CNW/ - Even though you are not aware of it, you
probably know someone who has extremely painful wounds that will not heal.
Chronic wounds such as leg ulcers and pressure sores are a common but
overlooked problem that affects more than 10 million people in Europe alone,
making it almost twice as common as rheumatoid arthritis.
Today the world's first pain-reducing dressing is introduced at London's
Royal College of Physicians. It is able to alleviate ongoing pain for millions
of people with wounds that will not heal.
The new pain-reducing dressing is released by medical manufacturer
Coloplast under the name of Biatain-Ibu. Precisely engineered but ingeniously
simple, it absorbs and locks away large quantities of wound fluid - and at the
same time delivers low-dosage ibuprofen, one of the world's most trusted
pain-reducing drugs, directly into the wound. In this way pain is addressed
locally, bypassing common side affects of oral pain-reducing drugs.
Stephen Strang from Canada, 61, has had problems with wounds that will
not heal for about a year. He was amazed at the amount of painkillers he took
and would still be in pain. As a consequence he got drowsy and at times had
difficulties carrying out his executive job. Biatain-Ibu has has changed all
that. "By the time I reached the door to leave the doctor's office, I had no
pain," he says.
The dosage of ibuprofen in the pain-reducing dressing equals a quarter of
a tablet. Clinical studies show a significant reduction of pain within a few
hours after the dressing is applied and sustained effect of up to 7 days.
According to one study, patients were happier and more relaxed with the new
kind of dressing, simply because they suffered less from ongoing and sudden
With the new pain-reducing dressing, Coloplast continues its tradition
for developing medical devices and services that contribute to a better
quality of life for people with hidden handicaps.
The global market for moist wound care products amounts to approximately
(euro) 1.9 billion per year.