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Wise Young
03-22-2006, 01:38 AM

Commentary by Eliot Van Buskirk | Also by this reporter
02:00 AM Mar, 20, 2006 EST

Listening Post columnist Eliot van Buskirk
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I've experienced bouts of fairly severe tinnitus on several occasions after a loud rehearsal or concert, and I know I'm not the only person who's guilty of having been somewhat cavalier about hearing loss. Now that so many of us seem to spend half our time with headphones on or listening to car, stereo or TV speakers, a new generation of the hearing impaired is on the horizon, and many of us will be affected unless we start to pay more attention.


03-22-2006, 07:33 AM
I were a headset to navigate my computer. Typically I do not listen to music as often. But I have been experiencing some hearing loss. Not sure from my headphones being on a lot or the fact that maybe I have fluids in my ear. I know that I wear the headset on my right ear but my left ear is weaker than my right ear. But now I am having problems with my right ear. Either fluids or whatnot but damn my hearing is going down the drain.